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Search Engine Marketing the name is self-explanatory. Search Engine Marketing refers to marketing using various tricks and strategies on search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, etc. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a vast marketing service that has several parts of it. Search Engine Marketing includes marketing in both ways, that is organic marketing and paid advertisement (Pay Per Click). Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay-per-Click (PPC) such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, re-targeted, or banner ads, helps your business to be visible to a large number of audiences to bring traffic and eventually convert into potential customers.

Different types of Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising VNS is an expert in:

  • Search advertisingSearch Advertising (a kind of PPC ads) is the way of placing ads on the web pages to show the results from search engine queries. Display advertising
  • Social media advertisingSocial media advertising (a kind of PPC ads) is the process of advertising through different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn) to get exposure to a more prominent audience.
  • Remarketing Ads Remarketing Ads (a kind of PPC ads) are the technique that helps you to reach out to those customers or audiences that have left the conversion process somewhere in the middle.
  • Sequential remarketingSequential remarketing (a kind of PPC ads) is a kind of funnel marketing where we take our audience from a path that helps us to convert them into leads.
  • Google ShoppingGoogle shopping ads (a kind of PPC ads) are also known as product shopping ads are the ads that help you to showcase your product in front of your audience with its detailed description.

Step by step process for Pay-per-click (PPC Management Services) VNS follows

  • Defining Goals
  • Strategic Planning
  • Targeting Audience
  • Optimizing your website/page
  • Designing ADs
  • Analyzing the results
  • Optimization

Why VNS become the first choice of business for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Transparency in our work
  • Team approach
  • Goal-oriented strategies
  • Dedicated plan of action
  • Worked for over 100+ clients globally (majorly in Australia, New Zealand, India)

Why VNS become the first choice of business for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Our SEM/ PPC strategy is suitable for all types of businesses.
  • Quick Results
  • Qualified Experts
  • Full-proof and Best SEO strategy
  • Higher Ranking
  • Higher Traffic

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